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雷火电竞平台-雷火电竞app ios-雷火, formerly known as Leping Clay Factory, is an affiliate company of Jiangxi Jinchen Group. Our company is located in Xihu Village, Wukou Town, Leping, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, spreading an area of 86,710 square meters. Founded in 2002 with registered capital of RMB 7 million, we went i......

Bleaching Clay


Activated Bleaching Clay

In 2014, we developed the activated clay SL1060 which is the 4th generation of activated clay. Compared with the first generation 1020, the second 1040 and the third 1060, Clay SL1060 is characterized by high-speed filtration and low residual oil rate.SL1060 is the fourth generation of bleaching clay which is developed according to the 1060 clay. The characteristics of SL1060 are as follows: 1. Having a better price-...

Granular Bleaching Clay

Production process:Activated clay is a kind of acidifiedfuller's earth product, and granular clay is made through a series of chemical reactions by using activated clay as the primary raw material. The appearance is small particles of amorphous shape. It has a larger specific surface area and higher particle strength than the activated clay and it features stable performance, good selectivity, high adsorption cap...

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Bleaching Clay

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